Saturday, June 8, 2013

20 trends for fall 2013......

Feathers can be a cool trend but I think it depends where they are.  Not a fan of this dress with all the feathers.  She looks like someone just let her out of the kennel.... sorry Jason Wu

Love capes.  Not too keen on these but capes get a thumbs up from me...

Love thigh high boots if you are under 30 and have a great pair of legs.  This is one of those trends that can go trashy real quick if not styled properly!

Absolutely HATE this trend!  This length is dowdy and frumpy!

Another trend that I can do without!  I have spent my whole life trying to sit up straight and avoid rounded shoulders!  Why do I want to buy them?

Seriously???  That's all I have on this

Another ridiculous trend....  Are designers getting that lazy that we have to buy nightgowns for daywear?????

Speechless.... Why do I want to wear a coat that belongs to a linebacker?

Shoulder slits can be great.  I like this trend depending on how the slits are placed and the style and fabric of the garment..

Love this combo....  Ice blue is so flattering and who doesn't have a ton of black in their wardrobe already? 

Maybe it's the name... training pants???  I struggled through huggies pull up pants and now I am going to wear training pants?  These are ugly.  It's like the designer made pants, drank a few glasses of wine and came up with this!

Again, another one of those trends for the under 30 set....  A too high slit just looks cheap!

Neutral on this... 

Can anyone say hideous??  Didn't like Cruella's fur in the Disney movie and don't like it here either!

I like embellishments but some of these are just too over the top for the average woman!

I love winter white so thumbs up...

I love leopard anything!  

Dang it!  I knew I should have saved Grandpa's pants!

LOVE it!!  Velvet is such a gorgeous fabric so looking forward to this one!

Another trend to be careful with... too much of this and you can end up looking like Mrs. Doubtfire!

Source:  New York Magazine 

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