Thursday, August 25, 2011

birthday wishes...

It's my hubby's birthday this weekend so I decided to borrow this awesome idea from Shannon Brown's blog, Find Joy In The Journey.  It's a year's worth of date nights!  Get some envelopes and put the month on each one and inside each is a specific date you have planned for that month!  With busy schedules and us both having so many material things (like way too much stuff!) I thought this would be a wonderful gift to give him.  Each month he will have something special to look forward to and it will be a bit like celebrating his special day all year long!  Shannon shows you on her blog what she put in her envelopes.... scroll down and I've listed some of mine!

12 Months of Dates...

1.  Cooking class for two..  so much fun and you get to eat too!

2.  Picnic for two at this beautiful spot here in New England, complete with champagne and yummy eats!

3.  Accomplice NY... Okay have to explain this one but I absolutely cannot wait to do it!  I know he wants to do this so bad and it is so unique...  Here is a bit from the website but you can go to Accomplice NYC to read all about it...   Basically you get tickets and the day before someone calls you and tells you where to meet in NYC.  From there its a scavenger hunt/adventure/journey through the streets of NYC!

4.  Brunch date at our favorite spot

5.  Dinner date

6.  Movie date

7.  Winery tour.... we have a whole bunch of vineyards around us so we will be off for a day/overnight to explore the wineries, eat and stay overnight for a fun and romantic date!

8.  A do it yourself class...  My hubby loves Home Depot (especially since he is in the construction business..) and I love learning new things and although I am really creative I am not too great with a drill or saw so I thought taking a class together on something he is interested in too would be fun.  He may not learn any new techniques but watching me with a drill or saw could be a bit like watching an episode of I Love Lucy!  It may be comical!

9.  A date to see a play at a local theater...

10.  Mini Golf Date

11.  Tickets to see live music and cocktails

12.  Day road trip to flea market and wander... He really is one of the only guys I know who loves going to flea markets and digging around for treasures or things we can fix up... it is sooooo much fun!

So there you have it... hubby's year long birthday bonanza!  I just love the idea and hope he is as excited to get this as I am to give it!

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