Friday, August 26, 2011

storms a brewing.....

Well it's Friday, and that is always a good thing, but here on the East Coast, we are prepping for Hurricane Irene to blow it's way through here this Sunday.  I won't be posting tomorrow since it is hubby's birthday and we will hopefully be celebrating after getting prepped for the storm.  I am a "just in case" kind of girl so I will be making sure to have on hand the following...

Battery operated Television or radio (hopefully my ipad will serve as my that thing!)

Lots of batteries


Fully charged cell phone (people don't think of this but if we lose power you wont have a home phone!)

Extra pet food

Bottled water

Filled propane tank for the grill (hey, if we lose power for a few days or a week in the case of Hurricane Gloria, I am grilling out!)

Extra food (milk, eggs, bread..etc)

Medications or prescriptions

Let's hope this storm is minimal and we pray for everyones safety through it all.  Safe weekend everyone!

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