Thursday, October 13, 2011

get a dose of positive....

I swore off watching television for the most part a couple months ago because I found that it really is a huge time waster.  I have my couple shows I watch once or twice a week for an hour and that is it!  I don't want to be stupid about what is going on in the world but I have sworn off watching the news for now too!  I am just one of those people that gets too upset hearing all the negative, horrible things going on in the world.  It was just plain old depressing me!  I would watch the 11:00 news and then wonder why I would have trouble falling asleep or just feel tense and stressed out!  So now I spend that time doing productive things...... I have organized closets, done sewing and mending that was sitting around forever, caught up on laundry and generally must say my house is so much more organized!

The one new thing I am watching though is Oprah's new Life Class at 8 pm each evening and then her live webcast immediately after.  It just started this week and what I love is how positive this show is.  It makes you really think about becoming a better person.  The first show was on the ego, the second was on anger (how much do you hold onto??)  and last nights discussed how you become what you believe!  So true!  It really is an hour of great insight.  Looking forward to tonight...  the topic is "The truth will set you free"....

You can click HERE and go directly to the website.  All I can say is bravo to Oprah....for once again being an inspiration and really helping people out there!  It is so refreshing to watch something worthwhile and not the usual crap that is on pretty much every channel!  So tune in tonight and better yourself!

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