Friday, November 4, 2011


Sometimes it's just the smallest thing that makes you realize how lucky you are.  I have the world's best husband, three biological children who love me (and I them), three stepchildren whom I love and adore (I think they like me too :-) and friends whose relationships I cherish.  I don't have much family but my sweet, adorable aunt is flying in today from Florida to spend a week with me and I cannot wait!

What to put in the guest room for her??  Fresh towels (big and fluffy!), a vase full of fresh hydrangeas, a beautifully scented candle, magazines, a robe to stay cozy and warm and a freshly made bed piled with warm blankets and fluffy pillows!  Happy Friday to all!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and for all my friends still with no power....I am praying you get it back soon!!

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