Friday, November 18, 2011

stop rushing....

Happy Friday everyone....  I have a huge pet peeve and it's gotten worse this year!  Is it me or are we being rushed through every holiday??  There is Christmas stuff out in August and September and now they are starting black Friday on Thanksgiving night!?  Shame on you retailers!  Are you really that greedy?  Can't we just enjoy our Thanksgiving with our families?  I will not be participating in the craziness!  I feel like we can't even enjoy and focus on Thanksgiving which is such a wonderful holiday and becoming increasingly more important to me as I get older...  Thanksgiving is a time to really appreciate all the gifts in your life... family, friends, your health, the fact you have shelter, food and clean water to drink.... so take the time to enjoy this next week preparing and getting ready for the day..... At each of your guests places put a little piece of paper and ask them to write down what they are most grateful for!  It's fun and gets conversation started and everyone thinking about how lucky they are.... no matter what your circumstances, there is always something to be thankful for!

These are some of my favorite Thanksgiving ideas...

Beautiful centerpiece from Martha Stewart Living
A free download to print out from Valentina Ramos

Women's Day Pilgrim Hat Cookies!

Easy and elegant centerpiece!

A four layer sweet potato and ginger layer cake with toasted marshmallow filling, candied pecans and brown sugar and cinnamon buttercream....oh my!!!
From Sweetapolita

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