Friday, August 2, 2013

a little bit of everything......

Happy Friday all!  What a beautiful day here today!  Sunny, no humidity and 70 degrees!  Wish everyday could be this lovely but then I guess we would just take it for granted as we humans tend to do when things are nice all the time!

First I have two new Fall trends that are popping up in stores as we speak.... patent leather and oversized earrings!  I love patent leather!  There is something just so cool about a black patent leather jacket or boot!  Trick is not to overdo the trend.  Pick one item of patent leather to wear at a time.  Like pairing a skinny jean with a cool pair of patent leather boots and an oversized sweater and belt (Lauren Hampton, of course!).  The other trend is oversized earrings which I love as well.  The trick to pulling off this trend is to keep it to just the earrings.  They should be your one statement piece.  You can add a large cuff bracelet but totally should skip the necklace!  

So two weeks ago I found out I have Celiac Disease which means no gluten for me!  This is a problem since I am Italian and adore pasta and breads!  I am in search of yummy eats that are gluten free.  Luckily, last weekend I explored my local William Sonoma and found gluten free flour and gluten free pizza dough (in a bag which you make yourself but gluten free!).   Now I will warn you that this stuff is crazy expensive but I bought it because the woman at the store said people swear by it and it totally tastes like regular pizza dough.  One bag of the flour is $20 and each bag of the pizza dough mix is $15 so it better blow my socks off!   I have not tried the pizza dough yet but am planning some pizza tonight so will let you know how it turns out!  I also found amazing shatterproof dinner plates for our new outdoor patio that the hubs built.  I just love William Sonoma and honestly could spend hours checking out cooking stuff and their yummy gourmet foods!   I also bought a tiny battery operated wisk which froths milk for coffee in two seconds!  It's my new love!  

GLUTEN FREE!  Pizza crust mix from William Sonoma  

Gluten Free Flour from William Sonoma

My new shatterproof plates from William Sonoma!  I love these plates.  They are perfect for outdoors and dishwasher safe!

Our new patio built by the hubby!  After a long day in my studio this is my favorite spot to relax!  My new outdoor dinner plates will be fabulous here!  

My favorite new kitchen tool!  Froths cold or hot milk in seconds for a perfect latte!
Have a great weekend! 


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