Monday, May 9, 2011

Denim Therapy!

We all have that favorite pair or pairs of jeans that we just cannot seem to part with!  You know, the ones that you put on and they fit like a glove.  The ones that make us feel thin and gorgeous no matter what our mood!  Problem is when they end up with holes in the crotch from too much wear or the zipper is broken, or we have lost weight and they just need some adusting...  Well we have found the solution!  Denim Therapy!  At you can send in your beloved jeans and they will fix holes, tears, hem, fix zippers, buttons, resize, stonewash them, re-dye them, tie-dye them and even turn your faves into maternity jeans so you can be one hot mama to be!  This is just too good to be true!  Check out their site and salvage those favorites which you paid good money for by having them get some good therapy!


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