Tuesday, January 24, 2012

oh coco......

The best things in life are free!  Think about the things that bring you joy.... for me it's the simple things like spending time with my children, a candlelit dinner with hubby, the smell of fresh cut grass, sittting by the ocean on a warm, sunny day (could use this about now....hate winter!!!), a warm cup of tea and a roaring fire, chatting with a good friend, the smell of a pie baking in the oven on a cold winter day, candles everywhere!, fresh cut flowers, cuddling with my dog.... think about the things that make you happiest today!  Most of them are free but have to admit there are other things that are second best that do cost...  A trip to Paris in the springtime......exploring Tuscany and Florence...... unlimited shopping on Madison Avenue....ok... back to reality!

One thing that has become clearest to me is that of all the things I cherish it is my health.  If you don't have health and quality of life then you can't enjoy all the rest....  so be thankful today for that!

Have a great day!!!

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