Friday, April 27, 2012


just a few of the things I am craving right now.....

From top left:

Loving double breasted blazers... always in style and this one is by Malene Birger Karam and available at net-a-porter for $595.

Chanel perfume.... Chance is my signature scent and I ran out so it is on my list of must get soon!  Chance eau de parfum spray is available at Nordstrom for $115.

Monogram necklace....this is one of my "have to get it soons!"  I love this one which is available at Max and Chloe.  They have small, medium or large sized and I want the large which is about $210.  I love this layered with other necklaces!

Ippolita Glamazon Chunky Link Necklace.... only $8,500 (hahahaha) from Neiman Marcus!  Over my budget for a necklace but I'm sure I can find one similar in my flea market travels!!!

Valentino polka dot chiffon blouse at  On sale from $900 to $220.... Definitely a maybe!?

J Brand "Lovestory" jeans...  I am a huge fan of the flare jean for two reasons... One, because they are a reminder of the 70's (yup, bringing back memories for me!)  and the big reason is that they actually make you look slimmer because of the flared leg!   J Brand is one of my favorite jeans.  It is a bit expensive at $189 but worth every penny!

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