Wednesday, February 27, 2013

style police.....

Well the Academy Awards are over and I just loved seeing all the glitz and glamour!  A standout for me was Jennifer Lawrence in that gorgeous white gown.  The necklace flowing down the back just sent it over the top!  Another standout was Adele who makes women with curves feel fab! And her voice!  Oh don't get me started!  I LOVE Adele!  Jennifer Hudson looked beautiful in that blue Roberto Cavalli gown as did Catherine Zeta Jones in that glam gold number and there were many others too....

We have posted photos of some of our favorites along with some of our not so favorites.....

Love the dress, the hair....


So glam....

Just love her!

She is inspirational in so many ways!

Fire your stylist now!  Sorry...pretty girl with a potato sack dress and hair in need of a comb!

Elegant as usual!

Can I find out what she eats?  She looks unbelievable!

Amazing!...nuf said

darts anyone?  did you not have a mirror on the way out?

Yes, we like H & M too but not for a red carpet event!  The fabric is so wrinkled!

Like I said....makes curvy women proud!

She looks great in red!

How many of us hate her? Who can look this good in a head of 1 inch hair?

Another bravo for the curvy woman!

ditto on the curvy women....Queen do women everywhere proud!

Is the circus in town?

We feel the same way....

You are funny....and so is the outfit....but we like your acting!

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