Sunday, September 18, 2011

creative lessons.....

Thought I would share with you a little story....

My 17 year old daughter loves to decorate her room....over and over and over and over.....again....!  We have repainted so many times and her room has been pretty much every color!  Friday she came to me and said she wanted to re-decorate her room..again!  Mind you, we just did it over in the last six months!  I can't keep up with the constant change of mind so I told her if she wanted it different she would have to use her own money (okay...I chipped in a bit) and get really creative and maybe make some things herself.  She loves the look of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and wanted a "boho" vintage looking kind of a 70's vibe.  Off we went to some thrift shops in search of some vintage fabrics that she could use to make some pillows and here is what she came up with!  Very creative and cool!

So the lesson.....Mom's money doesn't grow off trees to re-decorate every six months, so if you want a change, use some creativity and your own dough!  She really enjoyed every moment and was very proud when they were done!

Here are the fabrics and plain pillows before:

And here they are after!!

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