Wednesday, September 28, 2011

oh charleston....

Just spent the last few days in Charleston, SC.  I love this city!  It was my first time there and the people are friendly, the weather so nice, beautiful beaches and a food lover and shoppers dream!  Wanted to share some pics with you...  The main road for shopping is King Street and is just lined with shops and dining.  There are the usual chain stores but so many small unique boutiques where you will find one of a kind items.  One we stumbled upon is Nancy's at 342 King Street.  Nancy's is such a unique store with fun, different and fabulous clothing and accessories.  In the back is a small but great shoe shop called The Shoe Fairy where my daughter picked up an awesome pair of low fringe boots that are just like the Sam Edelman pair she wanted for over $200 but these were only $84 and actually, we liked these better!  The gals who run the shop are fun, friendly and I was drawn in by one of them wearing a belt that reminded me of my designs... so of course I pitched my line!  What else could I do?

If you get a chance, visit this great city.  It's filled with so much to do and so much history!

King Street Shopping....

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