Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the happiness project....

I had over an hour to kill in the airport last week so I headed for the nearest bookstore to find something to read.  Normally I would pick up a couple fashion or decorating magazines, but I was in such a solemn mood heading to Florida to my dear uncles funeral, so I went towards the book section.  I guess I was looking for answers.  Answers to why he died so suddenly.  Answers to why I take my own life and the people around me for granted so much of the time.  Answers to why I am so frazzled all the time and cannot seem to enjoy life.... Then there it was, a book.....  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  It was on the shelf in the best sellers section so I picked it up and knew instantly after reading the back cover that this was the perfect book for me.

Like so many of us out there we chase happiness through all kinds of "things" instead of really trying to find what it is that makes us happy.  Once I started to read Gretchen's book I realized that happiness is a decision!  I rarely ever recommend books but this book is just a great read.  It would be a great book to do with a group and I am actually reading it with my daughter.  I loved the movie, Eat, Love, Pray and that was based on the book that was about a woman's search for happiness and fulfillment but she ended up traveling around the world for a year!  I don't know many of us out there that have the luxury of just getting up and leaving our kids, families and jobs for a year so this book spoke to me.  This is about the author's year spent finding happiness right in her own home of New York City.  She didn't leave or go away on vacation.  Instead, she dedicated each month to a different challenge for improving herself and those around her.  It is filled with insight and will make you think about your own life and she sprinkles humor throughout the pages which make it a fun read as well.  It will make you want to start your own Happiness Project!

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