Sunday, March 17, 2013

erin go bragh.....

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Hubby and I are up early getting ready to cook our Irish dinner for the kids today!  Well, actually, I am cooking and he will be on dish duty and doing some beer tasting with the boys!

My favorite way to make Corned Beef is to slowly cook it in the crock pot or to boil it.  I won't have time today to do the crockpot method so I will be doing it on the stovetop.  There are people who bake it but I find it comes out way too salty in the oven.  I like this recipe which has it cooked till tender and then glazed and finished in the oven.  The glaze is so yummy and sweet and contrasts well with the saltiness of the meat.  Of course I make cabbage with this -- all buttery and so good!  Then instead of the traditional boiled potatoes, my kids like the oven fried potato chips that I make.  The chips come out nice and brown and crispy!


Recipe from Louann's Kitchen

Speaking of beer....I am one of those women that just do not like the taste of beer!  Give me a nice glass of wine or champagne and I am a happy camper!  But believe it or not, I found a beer the other night when we were out that I really loved!  It's called Leffe and it's a blonde beer from Belgium.  I'll still stick to my wine for today but am looking forward to a Leffe on a hot summer day soon!  The boys and hubby however will be with this cool Belgium blonde!

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