Thursday, March 14, 2013

very first to......

Good Morning all you lovely peeps out there!  It is a beautiful sunny day here in the good old Northeast and we may even hit the 45 degree mark today!  Speaking of beautiful things, I have come across a really cool site called Very First To which offers little ol' you and me a chance to be the very first to know, have or do things (and we are talking beautiful and sometimes extravagant things!) nobody else knows about yet!

What kind of things you ask?  How about waking up to a million rose petals scattered about your front and back yard?  Or maybe a mission into space?  Or how about starring in your own marriage proposal on national TV?.......

Here are some of the things I am talking about!

Really cool, but for this price (we are talkin 70,000 in pounds!), George Clooney better be serenading me outside my window standing in those rose petals!

Call me tainted... but after a couple failed marriages I'd be more tempted by this if I could hand him the divorce papers on TV!

A really unique experience I am sure!  For $105,000 there better be a Nordstroms filled with free clothes in my size, a gorgeous beach and a huge tropical drink waiting for me!

This is more my speed!  Love knowing about new makeup out and Bobbi Brown is one of my personal faves!

How long have I searched for a decent iPhone case?  Hmmmm.... in one word what I have found out there is hideous!  Like right now, my poor, sleek, gorgeous little iPhone is housed in a masculine Otter Box!  Love, love, love DKNY so will be ordering this fancy little number!

Preppy goes boho?   The structured shape lends itself to prepster-ville but the pattern is so fun!  I love Dolce & Gabbana no matter what!
Check out Very First To and you will be pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful new-to-the market products are out there,  not to mention the unique experiences you can do if you've got a fat wallet!


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