Thursday, March 28, 2013

trendy thursday.......

You know what I love about getting older????  Nothing!!!   No, really,  there are some things that are great about it!  Like not giving a crap what anyone thinks about you!  That is probably my favorite but I also love knowing for sure my fashion style and how to dress.  I have been wearing hoop earrings forever and especially the last couple of years.  They are such a no-brainer accessory!   I have a pair of 14k gold hoops which have to be about 30 years old and just adore them!  A pair of silver or gold hoops (I prefer gold since I am a blonde!) go with everything and are my go-to earring every day.  They are one of this season's hot accessories so go grab those hoop earrings that have been collecting dust in the back of your jewelry box or head out to buy a gorgeous little pair for spring!

Above photo from:  Who, What, Wear (one of our favorite blogs!)
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Earrings top row (left to right):  Marc Jacobs hoops $63 at, Brooks Brothers Half Link Earrings $48 at, Kate Spade Bar None Hoop at 

Earrings bottom row (left to right) Blue Nile Byzantine Hoop Earrings $870 at, Alexis Bittar Diamond Dust Thin Hoop $125 at, Blue Nile Hoop Earring $39 at

My dream hoops from Chanel (vintage) $1,499.00.  Didn't win the recent Powerball so they remain just a dream! 

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