Monday, April 25, 2011

10 Fashion Rules To Break Now!

Today's post was inspired by a conversation with a friend who mentioned to me how ridiculous it was that we still feel like we cannot wear white before Memorial Day!  So here it is....the new rules for 2011!  We are not in the 1950's anymore girls!

Wearing White
Did you know that Coco Chanel herself wore white year round?  So why have we let "them" (Who are these people who make up these rules?  If you find out who "they" are, let me know!) tell us that white is a no no after Labor Day or before Memorial Day?  Totally absurd!  I wear white whenever I like and so should you.  Of course it all depends how you wear it too.  Heavier fabrics like denim in white look great when paired with a leather boot in the fall or spring but stay away from summery fabrics like eyelet in winter.  So break out the white!  It's also this season's hottest trend. 

Mixing Black and Brown 
This is another ridiculous rule.  Brown and black look fantastic together so mix it up ladies!

Denim and Denim
Ok, this is a tricky one.  True that a denim top and the same color denim bottom looks awful when paired together, but if you did a denim chambray top and dark indigo colored jeans it works!  Just make sure they are totally different shades. 

Mixing Prints and Patterns
Old rule!  Mixing patterns can look great when you mix patterns in the same color family.  Never wear two or more bold patterns together and an absolute don't is going matchy-matchy and head to toe in one pattern!  Dots and plaids or stripes and dots look super paired together. 

Mixing Metals
Gone is the rule of only wearing one color metal, like just silver or gold.  Layering gold and silver chained necklaces or bracelets together is a definite do!

Glitz During The Day
 Break out the glitz for daytime!  Who says a glitzy necklace and a tee shirt and jeans can't look great?  Look for "edgy" glitz like the necklace above that combines chains with some sparkle.  Stay away from anything that looks like its meant for a black tie affair or a wedding!

Long Hair After 40
I personally think this is the most ridiculous rule of all!  If this is true than someone needs to tell Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Christie Brinkley, all the Desperate Housewives and a ton of other stars that they need to chop their locks!  My rule:  If it looks good on you than keep the long hair!  

Matching Your Purse To Your Shoes
Ladies, this is not the 1950's.  Your purse and shoes don't have to be matchy-matchy but should compliment each other. 

Opened Toe Shoes For Summer Only
Keep those open toed shoes out and wear them in fall and spring with opague tights.  There's no more rule about storing them away the minute Labor Day arrives!

Dressing Dull And Boring After 40
Okay, I take it back!  Although the long hair after 40 rule does make me crazy, this one really makes me nuts!  Somehow "they" (really don't like them!) have made it wrong to put on a short skirt after 40.  Well again I say, please tell Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore that!  They both look gorgeous in shorter skirts.   If you've got great legs,  then show them off (we are not talking micro mini's here!).  The length should be age appropriate and if your kids tell you it's too short, then it probably is!  Age has nothing to do with being in style and fashionable.   

Bottom line:  Life is serious enough!  Fashion should be fun and make you feel fabulous so break some rules!

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