Thursday, April 7, 2011

8 Hot Trends For Spring/Summer 2011

It may not be warm and balmy where you are but rest assured, warmer, lovelier weather is just around the corner!  After my last post about organizing and clearing out your closet to breathe new life into your wardrobe, I thought I would give you a little shopping inspiration for the trends that are hot for this coming season....

I am in heaven!  I have always loved all three of these materials so the fact that they are now fashionable has me digging them out of my closet...

Ok, not all of us are going to walk out the door in this but you get the idea!

It could be a pretty top, dress, or accessory....make it floral, flirty and fun!

One of my belts inspired by the floral trend!

Colors that are trending for this season are honeysuckle pink (a beautiful shade!), coral rose, peapod, beeswax, silver peony, russet, regatta, blue curacao (my favorite..), lavendar and silver cloud.

I know, for some of you this makes you want to scream..."NO!" but really,  designers have done a wonderful job of creating some beautiful clothes that are appropriate for 2011 with inspiration taken from that decade...

Look for maxi skirts, maxi dresses and flared jeans with platform shoes.

This season white is the big non-color, color!  I have to admit, I love it.  Some people look better in off white or cream depending on their complexion but any shade of white is hot now....

I especially love the white pantsuit shown below on actress Jenny McCarthy.  I am on a mission to get a white pantsuit for myself.  I like the fact that I can wear the pants with all kinds of tops and jackets and the jacket is so versatile over jeans or a skirt.   I love the one shown in the Boston Proper Catalog.  I'll give you my review of how I like it down the road!

 One of my handmade belts with mother of pearl shell perfect for completing your "white" look!

Oh how I love the platform shoe!  It gives you height with more support for your arches and looks super with a flared jean.  One of my favorites right now is Ivanka Trump's new line of shoes  which includes a great platform sandal in a yummy neutral shade called "sand".   I would wear this with jeans, a maxi dress or long skirt.  It's another one of my "must haves" for spring!

Ivanka Trump's "Hydria" shoe with 1" platform

Can't say it enough!  Whether you like big and chunky, simple and minimalistic, chic and classic, accessories make the outfit!  Pick up some fab accessories to pull all your spring and summer looks together!

My wonderful, childhood friend Amy of Two Tightly Wound designs some gorgeous handmade earrings.  A simple dress will be standout with one of her handmade beauties!  

Two Tightly Wound Earrings...beautiful for summer!

Another one of my favorite trends this season.  I've been wearing this kind of thing forever (as my friends would tell you...a bit obsessed...especially with fringe!)  You can see my obsession in my previous post with the vintage suede fringe vest....

Here is a fabulous bag from designer J.J. Winters available online at Boutique To You.  It is so Boho and I adore it!

J. J. Winters Camel Suede Handbag $473.00

Other trends this season include: 

Whatever your taste, there is a trend for everyone this season!  Pick a trend, go shop and most of all have fun with it!  Leave your comments below and let me know your favorite trend! xoxo

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