Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free Fashion For Your Wardrobe

We all know how hard things have been in the last few years due to the economy so finding ways to look great on a budget is now the "in" thing to do!  What could be more fun than a bunch of your favorite friends getting together and swapping their clothes while sipping a glass of chardonnay?  Here is how it works:

Invite a few of your friends over to swap some of the things in their wardrobe that they no longer wear or use.  It could be clothing, handbags, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc..  Limit the amount of items to a certain number which you as the hostess can decide upon.  The more items, the longer the swap will last (and the more chardonnay you will need on hand!).   Each guest should bring a tasty treat to share as well as whatever they want to drink (this is a money saving party so you as the hostess should not have to foot the expense!).

The day or evening of the event:

  • Make sure you have a full length mirror available for guests to see how they look in their potential new items.  Also, have a private room or space available for guests to try on clothing.
  • Write each persons name on a slip of paper and put them into a bowl. 
  • When guests arrive have them sort their items into appropriate piles (shirts, pants, jewelry...etc..).
  • Draw one slip of paper from the bowl and read the name.  This person goes first.  She then can choose 1 item from any of the piles.  Then choose the next person and keep going until all the names are chosen.  This is the order in which they will keep for the duration of the swap.  
  • Each person keeps taking turns until all the clothing, jewelry, etc.. is taken. 
  • If there are any items that are left at the end because nobody wanted them then the person who brought them can either take them back or they can be donated.  
  • Keep the food away from the clothing and make sure the food being served isn't really messy (barbequed ribs would not be a good idea!).
  • Put on some fun music and provide a nice atmosphere with a few candles
  • Have "vote" signs available.  Make signs on small index cards that are given to each guest which read "KEEP" and "NO WAY".  This is fun if someone needs the opinion of the group.  The guest tries on the clothing and the other guests vote by holding up their sign.  
This can be a great night for all to laugh, talk, have tons of fun and best yet get some new fashions for their wardrobes without spending a dime!

Host a clothing swap with your gal pals and let us know about it!

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