Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 amazing finds for spring......

I love beautiful, well made clothing!  I especially love high end designer and couture clothing and have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe!   But designer clothes are costly and these days everyone is trying to save a bit here and there!  I am off to take my daughter and her three friends for a day of shopping at the mall and their destination of course is Forever 21!  Well, knowing that I will be in this particular store for at least a couple hours,  I am going armed with a list of possible spring wardrobe additions for me!  Now, given that I am 49 (50 is only months off!!) it is imperative that I do not purchase anything that screams "I am trying to be 21!. (this means no midriff bearing, ultra short skirts/dresses or anything too trendy... and definitely no graphic T shirts!)

There are tons of great deals at this place for every age.  You just need to know what is appropriate for your body type and age.   Here are my 10 picks for the more mature set!

Tulip Back Blouse $17.80
So pretty and feminine...great with jeans, slacks or a great black pencil skirt and heels!

Button up Chambray Shirt $19.90
What can I say...the perfect knock around shirt for weekends or dressed up...pair it with black or white pants!

A wardrobe staple for layering... the tank top and only $4.80
Love tank tops in every color.... great underneath clothing and for layering (perfect under the sweater below!)

Relaxed Net Sweater $22.80
So pretty.... perfect with shorts, jeans or even one of my long maxi skirts,  cowboy boots (yes... I love my cowboy boots!) and a great lauren hampton belt!

Fringed Diamond Poncho $27.80
Okay....a bit trendy but the color and fabric make it work...  I love it!

Open Knit Cardigan.. great with jeans! $27.80
So wearable and comfy....perfect as shown!

Open Knit Lonline Cardigan... great with a dress! $22.80
How many times do you need a little something warmer on top of that dress when going out?  This is just perfect.  Neutral, open knit and honestly timeless...

Matalasse Bodycon Skirt... age appropriate length and only $10.80
Timeless black above the knee skirt... 

Floppy Black Straw Hat... a wardrobe essential for keeping the sun out of your face while on the beach!  $6.50
I never head to the beach without one of these!  No sun on my face or on my hair!  Chic on the beach with a gorgeous black bathing suit and sunglasses!  

Art Deco Geometric Drop Earrings $4.80
Just a fun and elegant pair of earrings.  I would wear these with the black pencil skirt, floaty white blouse, black platform pumps and a timeless black clutch purse

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