Monday, March 5, 2012

improve from within.....

I love self improvement!  Sure, a new haircut or color is great or even a new outfit,  but there is something more permanent and that is improving from within!  These books are full of insight and wisdom and learning to live in the present moment!  So start your week off doing something good for one of these onto your Kindle, order them from Amazon or go the old fashioned route and actually drive to your nearest bookstore!  Which ever way you obtain these little books of wisdom, they are guaranteed to improve you or at least open your eyes a bit!

From Amazon- The Art of Uncertainty shows us how to live in the mystery of life and love it!
The Art of Being shows us how to live mindfully and in the present moment with 101 ways to practice purpose in your life!
Choose Them Wisely discusses how our thoughts become be careful what you think!
P.S. you cannot really click on the image to look inside but if you go to you can!  :-)

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