Tuesday, March 13, 2012

how to build a great wardrobe.....

For the past couple weeks we have been concentrating on timeless accessories, key items every girl should have in her wardrobe and stylist tips for you to look your best.  Today's post puts it all together.... Take all those things and add a few more and those are all the keys to building a great wardrobe!

Start off making sure you have lots of neutral colors in your closet like black, brown, white, navy, camel, white and grey.  You can always add pops of color!

Organize!  Clean out your closet and get it organized.  Give away items that you don't wear or consign them at your favorite consignment shop.  Repair items that need mending or hemming.  Put items together by category (blouses, skirts, pants, etc) and then sort by color.  

Be realistic about your lifestyle.  If you teach little children every day then your work wardrobe needs to reflect that.  Also buy clothing and dress for how you would like to be perceived.

Start with the basics (look at our post of last week about items every girl has gotta have!).  These are staples in your wardrobe and items you will build outfits off of.

Limit the amount of trendy items you purchase each season.  It's okay to buy one or two trendy things but if you know it will be out in one season then you are better off spending that money on something more timeless.

Have a good balance of items in your wardrobe.  You should have a good assortment of work clothing, casual weekend wear, dressy clothing for going out on the town and a couple formal pieces.  

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