Monday, July 18, 2011

flea market finds

Had a blast yesterday at the flea market with hubby.  These are some of my finds:

Minnetonka boots (new) for my sweet daughter for $18
A really cool sign for $25

Wall art.... $20

Another tea cup for my collection...... $12

Painting this white and it will hold lots of my jewelry $75

A dream catcher which I will make into a necklace for my daughter who has been dying for one!. $3.00

handmade earrings...again, for the daughter (a tad spoiled...)  $5.00

Cuffs so I can embellish and make into beauties... $1.00 each 

Cool drawer pulls which you can make signs for to label .... A whole bag for $5.00

An antique embroidered hand towel for my bathroom.. $5.00

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